Centrelink unemployment help

Centrelink unemployment help

Centrelink Eligibility

Centrelink is usually a first point of call as Centerlink can help you get through the tough time of periods of unemployment with regular centerlink payments.

However, depending on your financial situation, how and when you became unemployed could effect when you are able to obtain your Centrelink payments or if are eligible to get Centrelink payments at all.

If you have been fired from your last job and you were earning less a less than glamours wage, you may be eligible to receive Centrelink payments straight away.

Should you have quite your last job or form of employment, you may have to wait a number of weeks before you are eligible to gain regular Centrelink payments since it was your choice to become unemployed as opposed to the person who was sack and became unemployed through no choice of their own.

Centerlink Payments

Currently Centerlink provide fortnightly payments to those who are entitled to Centerlink payments.

There are special Centrelink benefits for those who are of Torres Straight Islander or Aboriginal nationality.


Applying for Centrelink Payments

Applying for Centerlink payments can be as easy as applying for a Centerlink payments at one of the many Centrelink office locations.

Once you have applied for Centrelink payments, you may be required to have an interview with a Centrelink representative who will go through a series of qualifying questions along with getting to know your employment skill sets to assist in placing you with a potential employer.

Your obligations to Centrelink

Once you have applied for and granted Centerlink payments, you will be required to fill out a log books of the job interview you have attended which will also include details of those who you have had gained job interviews with and or contacted for a prospective interview.

With that said, Centrelink payments aren’t everyones cup of tea and there are a lot who’d like to jump straight back on the band wagon and may do so via a recruitment agency.

If you would like to find out more about recruitment agencies, please see our recruitment agency page.


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